The Difference

In the modern web, many sites are developed using stock templates for CMS software such as Wix, WordPress, and SquareSpace. These tools are great for people who want to create a website themselves easily but the end result is usually a slow, bland, and unoriginal website. Furthermore, these tools are increasingly being used by professional web designers and developers. Matteqa designs and develops the complete website in-house from scratch. This provides a uniquely designed website tailored to your specifications that provides a fast and responsive experience for your customers.

As the websites do not use bulky CMS software, there is no performance overhead. This means that an extremely responsive website can be developed. This is important as users will often click away from a website that is too slow to load.
As there are no templates involved, the website can be designed to be radically different to what is seen on most of the web. By providing a unique experience to your customers, your website will stand out from the competition.
With a modularly designed website, components can be reused from other websites. This provides the cost saving benefit that is usually associated with templates but does not sacrifice on the quality of the website.

Efficient Design

According to research by Google, 53% of mobile users leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Without a fast and efficient website, you will be losing a large margin of potential customers.

CMS based websites use many different scripts to make development simpler. The effect of this is off-loaded to the customer by increasing the size of the website. By developing the website in real markup, these scripts are not needed.

Many CMS based websites not done correctly use outdated file formats for images and videos. Matteqa uses next generation formats (WebP and WebM) that provide lightning fast performance for sending images and videos.


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Multiple pages that are of the same design and layout but with different content count as a single unique page.

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Examples of non-static components include: Blogs, eCommerce, Forums.

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